So, this is what I know about Javascript -
1. It has prototypal inheritance. 2. It is loosely typed. 3. It has lexical scoping more famously closures. 4. It can evaluate javascript strings. 5. It has asynchronous methods like setTimeout

These concepts all sound pretty straightforward to me, but the minute I have to explain details and answer implementation level questions, I get stumped. And then, I go and read up some blog about the feature that previously embarrassed me, only to forget the details in the coming months. It is getting highly frustrating for me and in a step to rectify this deficiency, I’m starting a Javascript nuance series. This will cover my thoughts, questions and findings(with lots of code examples) of the aforementioned quirky features of Javascript. Once my series is finished, I will publish the whole lot in one shot and bask in the glory of knowledge!

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05 February 2014